These deflectors greatly reduce the wind coming from the side of the fairing and will reduce the wind noise and buffeting that hits you in the face and ears.  They are curved to the contour of the inner fairing and slightly flared at the top.  It's an easy 5 minute installation.    And, the outer fairing can be removed with the deflectors installed.  They add about 6" total width to the lower side of the fairing.

These deflectors are hand crafted from Clear or Smoked high impact acrylic and are hardly noticeable after installation.  They fit all years of Road Glide and will work with the lower fairing on 2010 and newer models only.   They do not fit on motorcycles that have Harley Davidson non-vented lowers prior to 2010 model year.  They will fit on '09 and earlier if you  have vented lowers.  Comes with all necessary mounting hardware and complete instructions.

                                      Painted Red

                   Rider side painted to match inner fairing








                                            Gray Smoked

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