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                                               CUSTOMER COMMENTS

Thanks again for the wings. We've put on about 7000 miles since install. I've noticed that there are many reviews of how your wings help the rider but I saw none that addressed the passenger. My wife loved our old Road King; hated the new RG. I have the Ultra with the vented lowers and also had mounted the Harley deflectors between tank and engine guard. I was ok but she hated it. She sits up higher than me due to the stepped seat and farther from the fairing (of course). This made her experience a lot of buffeting from both top and sides. Your wings helped her a lot. They also eliminated the side wind "slapping" for me. After the wings, I went with a taller shield to eliminate the buffeting around her ears (half helmet). In combo with your wings, we still have enough wind to know we're on a bike but the annoying buffeting is gone. Thanks again for a first rate product. It looks great and functions even better! Feel free to use this as you see fit, on your site.
Bruce (Boomer)

I received my set of Sancho's Wings today, it took me all of 5-10 minutes to install them. My first impression was WOW! someone made these in thier garage? ( I assume ) The "product" was first class. packaging, paint, hardware, even an installation instruction sheet that would make the Moco blush!.. not to mention an alcohol prep pad!

I'll cut to the chase..... This is by far the best money I've spent to date. I have installed the fork mounted "wind deflector" thingy, along with the new snap on deflectors on the crash bar. A 15" windshield, & soft lower fairings. This product has done absolutely, hands down, the best job at cutting the wind problem on my RG......nuff said.

I think Sancho hit a home run with these. For the money, I think its probably one of the best additions to an already superior touring motorcycle.
I likewise have put mine on but have not commented as yet. So here goes. Same thing everyone has said about ease of install and product quality, but let me add another thing. I get less bug splats on the back of the bike. Normally I will take a few grass hopper hits on the front of the bike, either on the hogg chopps or the faring itself, the residual splatter would normally spray along the side of the bike, beginning at about my saddle. Last Friday I got a nice ride in, 274 miles, got around yesterday to cleaning the bike up a bit. The lowers and fairing had the normal amount of bug hits, but much less residual on the back half of the bike. The wings did have a few bug hits, so either the hits that they took did not end up on the bike or the wave of air they created deflected the residual from the front... or maybe both. Regards.

I can't say enough about how much I love Sancho's wings. I recently had my outer fairing off, and while I was at it removed the wings just to test how much a difference they make. Boy is it like night and day, and its just like my lowers.. before I even got out of town I knew they were going back on. You made a hell of a good product Sancho, and I hope your selling a ton of them. Just wanted to share again for the new members, this is a must, especially if you ride in the colder weather. These will make a HUGE difference in comfort.

Since we had a break in the weather I had to take advantage and try out my Sancho's Wings. They make a huge improvement in air stability behind the windshield and well worth the small investment. Thanks Sancho for adding the smoked version, they look great with black pearl.

I'm ordering another set on the permanent mount smoked wings. I like your prouduct so much I don't want to be without should something happen to one of them.

Just wanted to drop you a line about your wings. Got them in the mail, and finally got them on the bike last weekend. Did a fair bit of riding this past week, and they delivered as promised! As stated before, it only took about 10 minutes to get them on, and once on they look like they came from the factory, (really should too!). I don't have lowers on my Roady, but the amount of head shake is noticably reduced ALOT!!! Don't get any significant head wobble until above 80mph, uh, not that I would do that, but you know what I'm sayin'! Great product, and very well finished. Thanks for the great product!

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